Friday, July 17, 2009

NYX Palettes

Above: NYX Smokey Palette
I think we've all been anticipating it: NYX Palettes. Sure, they had those strange sparkly palettes and the trios, but this is something I believe most every makeup addict is lemming. The 10 color palettes are $9 (I purchased them off of cherryculture(dot)com) and the 5 color palettes are also $9. 

I purchased the smokey eye palette (pictured above) because, let's face it, who isn't a sucker for gorgeous smokey eyes? I am dreadfully allergic to NYX, but I HAD to have it. 

Quality: I have to admit that I like the trios better. I find that I need a strong base to get vivid colors that last long. On an average base, some of the colors look washy and not as pigmented as they look in the pan. As well, they can be creasy and don't last throughout a 12 hour workday. 

Colors: I really like the colors that come in the palette :) Blacks, greys, dark greys, a brown, cream, and taupe. However, it's sort of funny in some ways.....there are dark greys that STRONGLY resemble each other and two light silvery greys that are also extremely similar. I just found it a little odd that they would have such similar colors. 

Overall, I really like this palette, but just can't see myself using it very often!! It's simply not good enough (but what does one expect for $9?) and I'm very allergic :P

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