Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Encounter at the MAC Counter

In preparation for the Friends And Family Sale on the 16th, I went to my local MAC counter at Nordstrom to check out some items I was considering purchasing. From the moment I walked up to the counter, I could tell that the woman who was working there had attitude...and a bad one at that. She was chatting with some guy who clearly was not going to be buying any makeup (why would he?) and a woman of about 60 was trying to get her attention to buy lipstick. "Excuse me," the old lady said. "Is there any way that I can swatch one of these lipsticks?" The young employee turned to her angrily and snapped, "WAIT YOUR TURN!!" I might be young and irrelevant, but I went up to oldie and showed her how I swatch lipsticks when I visit that counter usually. The usual employee lets me swatch the testers on my hand as long as I wipe the tops off with a tissue when I was done. The snobby employee turned and said, "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I WILL HELP HER WHEN I'M DONE HERE!" I continued swatching the lipsticks for the woman as the employee's conversation with the man hit the 20 minute mark. She found the perfect lipstick and gave me FIVE DOLLARS just for helping her out!! The employee was gracious enough to ring the woman up. 
I wanted to swatch a blush desperately. That was my whole purpose: to swatch peachykeen. As the conversation hit the half hour, I could tell the guy was getting antsy and had to leave so I tried to bud in to make an opening for his "GOTTA GO!" Instead, the employee told me how much of a burden I was and asked me to leave. Don't get me wrong: I love going to MAC counters and talking with the people. It was just this ONE woman who really pissed me off and I will never go back there ever again.  

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