Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite Summer Bronzers

NARS Laguna Bronzer
Bare Escentuals Warmth Bronzer

My two favorite bronzers are from NARS and Bare Escentuals. Laguna Bronzer is, of course, loved by all, and Warmth is so natural and lovely! I highly recommend both.

NARS Laguna: I bought NARS Laguna Bronzer because everyone was raving about it. It costs 30 dollars and at the time, I really did not want to dish out 30 bucks for a bronzer. However, I really do not regret my decision! It is so pretty! Allthatglitters21 from youtube (a makeup guru) recommended that you apply this blush with a 134 and she was right! The width of the 134 is just about the same width as the bronzer and picks up the perfect amount of product in a couple of sweeps. I use a light hand with bronzers and this makes my skin look naturally healthier and darker. 

Bare Escentuals Warmth: This is my favorite bronzer. I don't own anything from Bare Escentuals besides this bronzer, a brush, and an eyeliner. I have bought five containers of the 18 dollar jar and will always repurchase. In the summer, all I have to do is put on a primer or moisturizer, then this bronzer over the top of it. That's it! I look so glowy and sunkissed. It's my go-to summer facial routine and only takes a couple seconds. I apply it with the brush that I got with it from Bare Escentuals: the All Over Face Brush. I do the "3 and E" process and then sweep a little over the bridge of my nose. It looks like I just went out and tanned on the beach even if I was just sitting on the couch eating chips.  

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