Thursday, June 11, 2009

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Oh, Mac Studio Finish Concealer.....what can I say? I really did like it at first. It comes in a container pretty much identical to a MAC eyeshadow container. I got NC20 because I was told to get a LIGHT colored concealer (huge mistake. Make it just a tad tad tad bit lighter, not really light). The texture: Creamy. The application: Smooth. Can be applied and dabbed in with fingers which is always nice. Coverage: Very nice, full coverage. However, as summer approaches I've noticed that it melts in the heat and clogs pores like a cork causing for awful breakouts. My forehead is all broken out which forces me to use MORE. It's a never ending cycle which I really hate. I went out and bought 200 dollars worth of Lush skin products and Neutrogena exfoliators just so I could clear it all up. Now that I think about it, I should've just bought a new concealer.........As well, in it's pan when exposed to heat, it turns liquid-y and when the temperature goes back down the consistency turns to a thick putty. I won't ever be buying this again. I used to barely need any coverage and after using this, I need really full coverage. So disappointing to me. Some people are such big fans, but I'm confused to why.

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