Thursday, June 11, 2009

MAC Pigments

MAC Melon Pigment (Above)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (Above)

My two favorite MAC Pigments are Melon and Vanilla. Both are versatile and GUH-ORGEOUS

Vanilla: Vanilla is one of the most popular of ALL MAC pigments. It is so versatile. I use it as a highlighter for my brow bone mostly. But it's really great for anything. All sorts of skin tones can use it, too! I have a friend who has medium-dark skin and this is her favorite pigment. She blends it in a lot and gives her that glowing skin that all of use strive for. Although it's a pale white in the jar, it has a lightish tan color on the skin. The jar lasts forever (yah yah you've heard it all before!) I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Melon: Oh Melon. This was my first pigment and I can't help but love it. It is a light shimmery pinkish tannish bronze. It's so beautiful on the eyes. I had a little spillage with this pigment and it was a hot mess to clean up. There's a spot on my carpet that still shimmers a little. Impossible to clean up. Such a burden. The best thing MAC could do for there pigments is put a sifter on top. If you're going to dish out 20 bucks for one jar, you don't want a quarter of it to be permanently adhered to your carpet. >:P 

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